13 Feb IIT Jam Question Paper 2022 | IIT JAM Asked Questions Solutions

IIT Jam Question Paper 2022 – IIT Jam 2022 exam will be soon completed in various examination centers on 13 Feb 2022. The exam of IIT JAM is conducted in shift i.e. Forenoon & afternoon session.  Exam is done in an online mode where there are objective type questions consists of three pattern MCQ, MSQ & NAT. After the exam is done you can see the unofficial IIT JAM Answer key for all subjects shift wise. Official answer key or answers will be published in 5-6 days after the exam is done. Also there shall be you IIT Jam score, marks secured that you can see there.

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13 Feb IIT Jam Question Paper

IIT JAM is the national exam and a common admission test which is done yearly for the candidates who want to take admission in the courses like MSC and other post graduate programmes at Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Science and National Institutes of Technology. On 13 Feb the exam is online done and the candidates who are looking for the IIT JAM Answer key with question paper can see it from here. You can see your marks, scorecard as well as the answers by entering your enroll number and password into the official site. For the IIT JAM 2022 Questions and solutions you can see the direct link below by various coaching centers.

13 Feb IIT JAM Asked Questions 2022

1. What is the % of AT of 5000 bp DNA with Melting temp 85??
2. Dipicolinic acid is present in which part of bacteria?
3. What is the end product of glycolysis under aerobic conditions?
4. Calculate the Osmotic potential of pure water
5. Barr bodies present in women having Turner’s syndrome?
6. Who are the producers in the ecology system?
7. What is the method for the transfer of plasmids into the animal cell?
8. The archaeal cell membrane contains what kind of lipids?
9. Which enzyme is present in a person suffering from alkaptonuria?
10. Function DNA gyrase.11. Tuft of flagella arise from one pole of side is?
12. Frequency of dominant allele is 0.7. Find the frequency of Aa
13. What type of transcription factor recognizes promoter in case of prokaryotes?
14. What calcium initiates in sea urchin?
15. Which is the part of innate immunity in higher mammals?
16. What will enriched media for fastidious contain?
17. Which one of the following is a glycolipid?
18. How many hemoglobin band will be seen in electrophoresis
19. Which of the following is cation exchange chromatography?
20. Examples of wound hormone in plants
21. For methyl group, how many band are observed during NMR?
22. In denaturing PAGE, what no of bands are obtained from adult hemoglobin?
23. Why malaria infection is not severe in patients with sickle cell anemia?
24. Which among have the least production and maximum respiration in the pond
25. What are the components of TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy)?
26. Frameshift mutation caused in the double-stranded DNA by
27. Number of autosomal chromosomes in humans
28. Random manipulation in gene frequency
29. Cells in plants that are present as undifferentiated cells
30. Mangrove trees produces what to survive in swampy areas
31. Process in which Minerals dissolved through pores.
32. 1 tert Bu – 3 NH2 – 4 OH Benzene when reacts with HNO2 in H3O+ gives?
33. Which of the following have sp2 hybridisation of the following?
34. In MM equation, if substrate concentration is equal to its Km value then what will be the
35. Honeybee is queen and worker are sterile and worker provide protection to queen.
What kind of selection is it?
36. Bacterial colony is grown from single bacterial cell and at 20th generation had 1048576
bacterial cell then calculate how many no of cell in 5th generation?
37. Transpiration pull is disturbed by
38. Mannitol fermenting bacteria
39. If the temperature was 300k at a given resistance then resistance was increased by 20%
then what will be the temperature
40. Indeterminate growth of undifferentiated cells in plants
41. Which bacteria disrupts lymphatic system?
42. if the temperature was 300k at a given resistance then what will be the temperature if
the resistance was increased by 20%. resistance coefficient is given by 2×10-4/K

Note: Qualified candidates in the IIT JAM will be allowed to apply for admission to IITs in the academic year 2022-23

IIT JAM 2022 Exam Pattern

  • Time duration – 3 hrs.
  • Exam Type – Online computer test.
  • Language – English.
  • Total Questions – 60.
  • Total Marks – 100.
  • Questions type – MCQ, NAT, MSQ.
  • In section I there is a negative marking of 1/3 marks for 1 marks questions & 2/3 marks deducted for 2 mark question.
  • No negative marking is there in other two section.
  • Subjects – Biotechnology (BL), Chemistry (CY), Geology (GG), Economics (EN), Mathematics (MA), Mathematical Statistics (MS) and Physics (PH)
Sections No. of questions Total marks
Section I [A] 30 50
Section II [B] 10 20
Section III [C] 20 30
Total 60 100

IIT JAM 2022 Marking Scheme

Section Questions  Marks (Each for correct answer)
A 10 MCQs 1 mark each
20 MCQs 2 marks each
B 10 MSQs 2 marks each
C 10 NAT Questions 1 mark each
10 NAT Questions 2 marks each

13 Feb IIT Jam Answer key

Name of the Conducting Body – IIT Roorkee

Exam Name – IIT JAM 2022

Date of examination – 13 Feb 2022

Shifts – Two (Forenoon & Afternoon)

Category – Question Paper/Answer key

IIT JAM result date – 22 March 2022

Official site – jam.iitr.ac.in

Selection Process –  CBT test/Merit list/Counselling

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How to see IIT JAM Answer key 2022

  • First the aspirants have to enter the site of IIT JAM given above.
  • Now, after that you can click on the link “IIT JAM Answer key 2022”.
  • Fill the details or credentials of yours.
  • Submit it.
  • See your answers, marks and score card from there.

IIT JAM Answer key 2022 – Click here

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