7 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG Question Paper 2021 Asked Questions Solutions

ICAR AIEEA UG Question Paper 2021 – NTA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) will be conducting the examination of AIEEA UG from 7 Sept till 9 Sept 2021. The AIEEA examination is the national level exams i.e. conducted for Admission in different UG courses. Candidates clearing the exam will get an admission in to the Various colleges & university in Agriculture courses. Here, you will get the ICAR AIEEA UG Asked Questions solutions 2021 with 7 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG Question paper analysis 2021. After some time ICAR will release Official AIEEA UG Answer key. Link will be updated soon after the Key is released.

Check – ICAR AIEEA UG Answer key 

7 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG Question Paper

ICAR AIEEA UG schedule will be from the 7th, 8th till 9th Sept. After the exam is over, aspirants who have given the exam. They can check the NTA ICAR website below given, to see the ICAR AIEEA UG Question paper with answer key set wise. Also, after the answer key is released, it will be seen for only three days. Any students who wants to challenge the answer key they can simply do that by following the instructions there. A certain amount of fees will be required per questions to challenge the answer key. As for today when the exam is completed, we will try to deliver some ICAR AIEEA UG Asked questions & Solutions of that.

9 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG 2021 Questions Asked

Note: Questions will be uploaded here soon for shift & shift 2.

ICAR AIEEA 2021 Questions Asked (Shift 1)

  • Respiratory Quotient is 1 for?
  • Which of the following proves light is a transverse wave? 1. Reflection 2. Refraction 3. Option Not Available 4. Polarization
  • If the electric field is 100N/C along +x axis and area of square plate placed in YZ axis. Find electric flux through it?
  • A planet with species present on it is destroyed in two halves some of them died and many survived in both halves. It is noticed that species inhabiting there evolve with respect to other halves; this change is called? 1. Sympatric 2. Allopatric
  • There was a question on least reducing character
  • There was a question related to protein store
  • Two resistors of R and 2R are connected in parallel. The ratio of heat energies developed across R and 2R respectively is
  • Which property of light says that it is a transverse wave
  • A metal rod is heated with temperature ∆T. The change in moment of inertia of the rod about an axis perpendicular to the rod will be
  • The impurities in sapphire and ruby respectively are
  • Two guns are fired horizontally from the same location, with bullets coming out with different velocities. Which of the bullets will reach the ground earlier?
  • The dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity are
  • Ionization potential values of 3 A group elements order
  • Magnetic susceptibility negative for
  • Haemophilia is which type of disease
  • Benzoic acid and phenols can be  distinguished through which of the reagents
  • Anomeric carbon atoms in the pyranose structure of glucose
  • On the disproportionation reaction of HNO2, the oxidation states of the products are
  • Packing efficiency of hcp CCP BCC and simple cubic structure as are in the order of
  • A thin lens of focal length 10cm is immersed in a liquid ( refractive index = 1.2). What is the new focal length? (Refractive index of glass is 1.6)
  • Hydrostatic paradox
  • if a DNA strand has 80 base pairs and 30 per cent of it is guanine, how many hydrogen bonds are there?
  • An element having atomic number 55 is in which group
  • Which cell organelle doesn’t have a genetic material vacuole
  • Identify the logic gate from the truth table. Ans- NAND
  • There was a question from Hardy-Weinberg principle
  • Transport of food material in higher plants takes place through
  • The plants exposed to light for a period less than the critical duration
  • What remains constant in planetary motion?
  • Meristematic tissue responsible for the increase in girth of the tree trunk is

ICAR AIEEA UG Shift 2 Questions Asked 2021

  • Which of the following is a part of eukaryotic flagella?
  • Law of multiple proportions was given by: A) Joseph l Proust, B) John Dalton, C) Antonnie Lavosiere, D) Thompson
  • Which don’t reduce pollen reagent and Fehling solution 1) Sucrose 2) Maltose 3) Fructose 4) Lactose
  • Conductivity and resistance were given.
  • Cell constant was asked
  • Froth floatation process froth stabilizer, depressant matchmaking was asked
  • Alpha helix of protein are stabilized by which bond
  • In thick lenses, what causes chromatic aberration of light A) Dispersion B) Diffraction C) Total internal reflection D) Interference
  • Botanical garden and zoological parks conserve? A) Exotic species B) Endemic species C) Both A and B D) Local Plant and Animals
  • As we move from species to kingdom common character? A) Increases B) Decrease
  • Barium hydroxide on heating gives?
  • Bottle neck effect and founder effect difference
  • Among o, p, m nitrophenol which have high boiling point
  • A typical angiosperm embryo sac at maturity, through answer-8 nucleate, is 7 celled
  • Heart failure, angina pectoris, heart attack causes asked in matching
  • Match Plasmodium Falciparum – Malignant Malaria
  • Specific heat capacity of 1 mole of gas is
  • The alpha-helical structure of proteins is stabilized through which bond?
  • What is the minimum angular momentum of a hydrogen atom? Ans: h/2Π
  • Change in total energy and kinetic energy of gravitation from 2R to 4R
  • A disc of mass ‘M’ is rolling without slipping with a speed ‘V’. What is its kinetic energy?
  • when light travels from rarer to denser medium which of the following Changes? Ans: Velocity
  • All plant breeding programmes steps rearrangement
  • What is the maximum percentage of recombinant?
  • The capillary tube is dipped into water, the rise of water is 7.5cm what is the diameter of the tube?
  • A body is projected with velocity 3v (v is the escape velocity ) so that it escapes Earth. What is the speed of the body in space?
  • 6.65 mass volume 1.332 calculate density with significant figures
  • Length and area are doubled new Youngs modules will be?
  • CP for mono atomic gas 5/2R

7 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG Analysis 2021 Shift 1

Overall Level  Moderate 
Chemistry Easy-Moderate
Physics Moderate
Biology Moderate

7 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG Analysis 2021 Shift 2

Overall Level  Moderate 
Chemistry Easy-Moderate (NCERT based)
Physics Moderate 
Biology Moderate – Difficult (Lengthy)
Agriculture  Moderate (tricky)

ICAR AIEEA UG 2021 Exam Pattern

  • Exam language – English & Hindi.
  • Time duration – 150 Minutes. (50 minutes extra for blind and visually impaired)
  • Sections – 3 sections.
  • Total Questions asked – 150
  • Total Marks – 600
  • Online mode exam.
  • Type – MCQ (Objective type exam).
  • 4 marks is given for every correct answer.
  • 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer.
Stream A Stream B No. of Questions
Physics Physics 50
Chemistry Chemistry 50
Biology/ Agriculture Mathematics 50
Total 150

7 Sep ICAR AIEEA UG Answer key 2021

Name of the Organization – NTA ICAR

Exam Name – AIEEA UG 2021

Today exam date – 7 Sept 2021

Category – Question paper/Answer key

Official site – icar.nta.ac.in

Result declaration date – Soon Announced

Selection criteria – CBT exam/Merit list/Counselling

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How to Download ICAR AIEEA UG Answer key 2021

  • Candidates can go to the site of ICAR NTA above given.
  • Now, on the homepage only you will see the link “Answer key for ICAR AIEEA UG 2021”.
  • Click on the link.
  • The Answer key shall be provided to you with ICAR UG AIEEA Question paper in pdf.
  • The first answer key will be provisional, where the candidates have only 3 days of time to see the whether to send the objection or not.
  • To challenge or make an objection you must have to pay the fees for Rs.200 per question as charges.
  • After that NTA board will also release the response of all the candidates and their attempted
    question paper.
  • Answer key & Response sheet is likely to be active for 3 days.

ICAR AIEEA UG 2021 Answer key – Check Here

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