27 Aug JEE Main Question Paper 2021 Session 4 Shift 1 & Shift 2

JEE Main Question Paper 2021 Session 4 – Candidates now can soon check the latest analysis of 27 Aug JEE mains session 4 shift 1 exam. Students attended todays exam will see the full JEE mains Shift 1 Memory based questions as wells as of 2nd shift also. The direct link of question paper and solutions is provided to you soon after the second shift exam. The 1st shift will be over at 12 pm. The last date of JEE main session 4 exam is Sept 2. After whole schedule is over, you can see the official NTA JEE site to see the JEE main provisional answer key set wise with question paper in pdf to see the answers.

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27 Aug JEE Main Question Paper Shift 1

There are more than lakhs of students who will be giving the JEE main session exam in the upcoming dates. The exam for 26th Aug has been now over. If you want to check the full analysis of 26th Aug JEE main exam 2021, you can see the link below. The first shift of JEE main is now ongoing for 27th Aug, soon both shifts paper shall be completed by 6 pm. Then the unofficial answer key will be announced by the coaching institutes. Subject wise & shift wise answer keys are available in this post.

27 Aug JEE Main Physics Shift 1 Solutions PDF (Resonance)

27 Aug JEE Main Mathematics Shift 1 Solutions PDF (Resonance)

27 Aug JEE Main Chemistry Shift 1 Solutions PDF (Resonance)

26 Aug JEE main 2021 Memory Based Questions

  • Metal having much low melting point is refined by? liquation
  • From 0.2 gm of compound, 0.188 gm of AgBr is formed by carius method . Find % of Br? 40%
  • Which of the following shows tyndall effect? Lyophobic Solution
  • Deuterium is different from hydrogen in which property? reacts less that hydrogen
  • V2O3 & CRO respectively are? Basic & Basic
  • Which will provide strong back bonding? BF3
  • which of the following is not dimensions less? permittivity of free space
  • If the intensity of light is increased for the same colour? Number of photons have increased

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27 Aug JEE Main Shift 1 Analysis 2021

Subjects Level  Questions Asked
Overall – Moderate Level 
Physics  Moderate  AC, Electromagnetism, Current Electricity, Semiconductor, Electrostatic (12th portion was more)
Chemistry  Easy  Inorganic NCERT questions, Practical organic chemistry, Physical chemistry[Numerical] (organic weightage was more)
Mathematics Moderate  Vector & 3D (More weightage), linear equation, quadratic & limit, Integration, Probability 

27 Aug JEE Main Asked Questions Shift 2

JEE Second shift was started form 3 pm to 6 pm. All subjects such as Math’s, Physics & Chemistry analysis will be mentioned here as soon as possible after the exam. The analysis will tell you that how difficult the question paper was, What questions was asked from which topic, & what is the overall difficulty level of exam shift wise. There are various coaching institutes that will published the JEE main solved questions like Resonance, Motion, Allen etc. After Checking the answer you can calculate your marks and see how much you have scored.

26 Aug JEE Main Solutions Subject wise

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