20 Feb Cavalier AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021 Shift 1 & 2 Question Paper

Cavalier AFCAT 1 Answer key  2021: AFACT 1 exam for 20th Feb is now successfully held in two shifts. The Answer key for AFCAT 1 answer key will be downloaded from the official site of AFCAT. From here you will get the full AFCAT 1 Shift 1 Analysis 2021 for 20th Feb, 21 & 22. See the full paper pdf of AFCAT 1 Shift 1 & 2 from this article. Match your Answers from the 20th Feb AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021 and calculate your score. The exam will continue to be scheduled for the other candidates on 21st & 22nd Feb. Check daily info on AFCAT 1 20th Feb Question paper, Analysis, Answer key, Expected Cutoff marks and AFCAT 1 results updated here.

20 Feb Cavalier AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021 Shift 1

Air Force Common Admission Test known as AFCAT was scheduled for Aspirants on 20th, 21st & 22nd Feb. There are lots of candidates who have seated for the exam for EKT AFCAT 1. Exam was organized in Two Shift i.e. Shift 1 & Shift 2. Shift 1 was held from 9:45 AM to 11:45 AM & Shift 2 2:15 P.M. to 4:15 P.M. The exam for AFCAT and EKT was held online. The paper was of objective type. Each question is for 3 marks each. And 1 mark shall be minus for the negative answers. For Technical & Non-Technical AFCAT exam is given. EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) is for the Technical Candidates only. Time for AFCAT exam is 2 hrs. and for EKT 45 Minutes.

Exam Name Subjects Questions Marks Time Duration


General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test 100 300 2 Hours
Engineering Knowledge Test  Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical & Electronics 50 150 45 Minutes

20 Feb AFCAT 1 Analysis Shift 1

Sections Number of questions  Level
Numerical Ability 18 Moderate to difficult
Verbal English 25 Easy to Moderate
General Knowledge  25 Moderate
Test Of Reasoning/Military Aptitude 32 Moderate to Difficult

Note: Overall AFCAT 1 Shift 1 was Moderate.

20 Feb AFCAT Shift 2 Analysis 2021

Sections Questions  Level
General Awareness 25 Moderate
Verbal Ability 25 Moderate
Numerical Ability 32 Easy to Moderate
Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test 18 Easy to Moderate
Overall 100 Questions Moderate

20 Feb AFCAT 1 Asked Questions 2021

  1. Who wrote Ramayana in Sanskrit
  2. First chief justice of India
  3. Where did india china June 2020 clash took place?
  4. Who appoint the judges of high court
  5. Moen ud daulah gold Cup is related to which sport
  6. Which country hosted first cricket world Cup?
  7. Which peak of Nepal called Sagarmatha
  8. Raider which game , akbar old name , time nd work easy . Odd one out – jumbled words . Naval strength which Indian Empire , etc
  9. 1-First men’s cricket world Cup was help in which country. 2-what was Babur’s real name. 3-term Raider is associated with which sports. 4-Distance between net of badminton to service point. 5- Which South Indian dynasty had strongest navy (options were cholas chaalukyas etc) . In maths, maximum questions were from time and distance
  10. Synonym of subjugate?
  11. Micheal Hussey is associated with which sport Babur real name
  12. Which country hosted. Men’s cricket world cup 1sr
  13. 1st CJI OF INDIA
  14. Which is not the official language of UN
  15. British PM at the time of India’s independence
  16. Who wrote the book “Wake up India”?
  17. Study of tissue?
  18. Which empire in South India was known for it’s naval strength in mediaeval period
  19. 1-Michael Hussy is associated with which sports. 2- Whi wrote Ramayan in Sanskrit. 3-Where did clash between China and India took place in June 2020 (options were: galwan, kala pani, doklam ). 4- Who appoints judges of High Court. 5- Which dynasty had strongest navy in South (options were Cholas Chaalukyas etc) 6- Babur’s real name 7- Moin ud daulah cup is associated with which sports 8- Raider term is associated with which sports 9-First cricket men’s world Cup was held in which country 10-Distance between badminton net and service point 11- First cheif justice of India. 12- Which peak is called Sagarmatha in Nepal. 13- PM of England at time of Indian independence . In maths maximum questions were from Time and distance
  20. Official languages of Un? Capital of Iceland? Baburs name? Host country of cricket (1st) ? 1st cji? Who appoints Hc judge? Where did clash took place b/w China and india in june? Michael hussy is related to?
  21. Reykjavik is the capital of which country? COP25 held in which country?
  22. Which peak is known as SAGARMATH in Nepal
  23. FURY : IRE ::?
  24. COP 2019 held where?
  25. Reykjavik is capital of?
  26. ORIGAMI is art of which country?
  27. CJ of high court appointed by??
  28. When they will meet again on starting point given different speeds and perimeter of circle??
  29. Average age of family and what to add in a series of 5 to get average ‘this’??
  30. Rate to make 7times the actual in given time period ( SI) ??
  31. Average speed of journey if speed of going and returning are 20 and 30.
  32. Simplification of fractions… How much greater type…
  33. Time and work B left after 2 days type question.

20th Feb Afcat 1 2nd Shift Asked Questions 2021

1)Which age was Indus valley civilization?
2) Which symbol has been adopted from Mauryan empire in the govt?
3)Who built Jama masjid?
4) When Shivaji came into rule, who was the Mughal emperor at that time?
5) When was 1st war of independence?
6)Who was 1st governor general of free India?
7) What is darkest part of the shadow in an ecclipse called?
8) Where should be sun’s position so that earth has equal days and night?
9) Most abundant gas present in earth atmosphere?
10) In which country is Mount Wycheproof located?
11) Which is called the white continent?
12) If a bowler passes his crease what is that ball called?
13) Santosh trophy related to?
14) Some term like Vacuol which sport?(Dont remember properly)
15) Who was the first Indian to win medal in Olympics badminton?
16) When did India first participate in Olympics?
17) Which famous Indian gymnastian is famoud in vault of death?
18) Which metal is liquid at room temperature?
19) Which metal is pencil lead made of?
20) Which of the following in not one of the 6 bodies of UN ?
21)Capital of Slovenia?
22) 1st woman Chief minister of India ?
23) Which painting art belongs to Bihar?
24) Which multirole heavylift helicopter was bought by India from USA?
25? Who wrote the book ‘What if’ ?

20 Feb AFCAT 1 Answer key Shift 2

Organization Name – AFCAT

Exam name – AFCAT 1 /EKT

Date of Exam – 20, 21 & 22 Feb, 2021

Category – Answer key

Official site – afcat.cdac.in

Shifts – Two

How to Check EKT AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021

  1. Candidates first have to go to the official site of AFCAT above mentioned.
  2. Then, you will aske to login in the panel.
  3. Login there and click on the link “EKT AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021“.
  4. Now, the answer key will be displayed to you on your screen.
  5. Check your answers and calculate your score.

AFCAT 1 Results Download  – CHECK HERE

Raise Objection Against AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021

After the exam candidates can also challenge the answer key or make an objections. To challenge the AFCAT 1 Answer key 2021. You can see the full process on the AFCAT Objection notice in pdf format. There it will be show how you can send the objections regarding the wrong answer or any other queries you have. Provide the full details such as roll number, name, question number, answer and other important things to file an objection.

Check: AFCAT 1 Cutoff Marks 2021

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